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Bifold door frames come in a number of materials – but which should you choose?

Aluminium, uPVC and timber are some of the options for bifold door frames, but which would be best for you? Let’s compare the 3.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning Bifold DoorsuPVC only needs a clean every now and again, but the colour will fade with the weather it is subjected to. Aluminium bifold door frames are also very low maintenance, the cleaning of them is very easy, here is another blog of our about how to look after your bifold doors. Timber often requires a wax or a fresh coat of paint, sometimes it will need treating to stop it rotting.

Our recommendation – Aluminium or uPVC are the easiest to clean and maintain.


Timber bifold door frames are tough, but they are at risk of water ingress. Damp and warping will affecting how long timber frames will last. uPVC can warp in some weather conditions, and it will degrade in strong sunlight. Aluminium is a strong material, and the frames can be powder coated to make them scratch resistant.

Our winner – aluminium are the most durable, and this is why the guarantees offered are often much longer than you will get for uPVC or timber.

Pricebifold door frames price

Aluminium bifold doors can be expensive due to the quality of the material that you have chosen.  uPVC on the other hand is relatively inexpensive, however you won’t get the guarantee that you would get with aluminium.  Timber would be the most expensive solution, it is much less durable than aluminium.

Best on price – uPVC bifold door frames will be the cheapest

Property value

Any bifold door frames can boost the value of your property. Aluminium bifold doors are loved by people looking to extend their homes. Also by people looking to move home due to aluminiums long lasting benefits. Door frames made of uPVC has improved property values in the past. But most people now expect aluminium bifold door frames in higher value properties. Timber could be used as bifold door frames in traditional properties. However aluminium can fit into this type of property nicely too.

Best to add value – aluminium is the most desirable to add value to your property.


If you have any questions or need any information about which bifold door frames are best for you feel free to give us a call on 07771 896175. Our team will be happy to come out and have a no obligation chat about your bespoke bifold doors.

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