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How to choose between blinds or curtains for bifold doors

blinds or curtains for bifold doors

Bifold doors are an amazing addition to a home, but how should you dress them?

How do you choose between blinds or curtains for bifold doors? Curtains that you would have at any window may be difficult to fit with your bifold doors, however there are other options available.


I know that I have just said that curtains may be difficult, however that doesn’t mean that you should totally ignore the option. Firstly a light fabric can look very effective next to the bifold doors. Don’t choose a heavy fabric as this will distract from the look of your doors. If you have enough space then a pleated curtain can be very cosy and provide you with the privacy that you need.

Integral blinds

It is usually possible to have an integral blind on your bifold doors. An integral blind is a stylish way to finish your doors and keeps with the modern theme that you have chosen. A venetian blind is placed between the glazing of the doors creating your privacy. There is a pull cord, as with blinds on normal windows, so that you can raise and lower the blinds as you need to.

Roller Blinds

Possibly the easiest way to ensure some shade is roller blinds. They will compliment the sleek finish of your bifold doors. Roller blinds can be matched with your existing colour scheme to finish your room. In addition these blinds do not have to be operated manually, you can have them set to work electronically.

Sliding or panel blinds

Great for sliding doors, these are essentially panels of fabric that slide on a track. The track is suspended from the ceiling next to your doors. As with the roller blinds they can operated electronically or manually. It is good to stack the fabric panels the same way as your sliding doors.

What do you need to really think about when choosing blinds or curtains for bifold doors?

Think about how you want your doors to open. Doors that open inwards could get caught in any curtains that you hang, or blinds that are added after the install. Usually it is better if the bifold doors open outwards into the garden or patio area. Therefore your choice of blinds or curtains for bifold doors shouldn’t be affected.

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