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Making the most of your aluminium doors and windows

You have saved up, made the choice and had your new aluminium doors and windows fitted. They make your home look amazing. The morning sun streams in through your aluminium bifolding doors. And your evenings are spent with family and friends relaxing on your decking and making use of your sliding doors.

Even if the weather turns colder (as we know that British weather has a mind of its own!) your glass doors are ensuring that your heat stays in the house.

All you need to do now is keep the doors looking as beautiful as the day that they were installed. We have written a blog before about how to look after bifold doors, but today we are looking at how to keep the glazing section of your door sparkling all year round.

You will be able to get window cleaning products in any supermarket, but these products are often expensive solutions that can leave a nasty residue on your glass, spoiling your view.

We have written a blog before about how to care for your bifold doors, so here are our tips for keeping your glass sparkling.

Brush clean them first

Start by brushing the worst of the dirt off. Use a clean, soft bristled brush to gently brush away anything on the surface.

Use soft water

Soft water is free of limescale and minerals that can cause deposits and streaks on your glass. If you live in a hard water area you might want to use filtered or distilled water instead of tap water.

smeared glass in doorChoose the right day and time to clean them

Cleaning your windows in direct sunlight is likely to cause streaking. The sun will make the windows dry too quickly and therefore leave streaks and smears. It would always be better to clean your bifolding or sliding doors on a cloudy day, when there is no direct sunlight on them.

Clean the inside first

This might sound like a strange thing to say, but you should always clean the inside of the bifolds first. The exterior of the doors are exposed to all of the elements and will be dirtier due to the extremes of weather. If you clean the outside first you are likely to get your cleaning tools dirty and then the risk adding more dirt to the inside.

Use a vinegar solution for cleaning

My old nan always told me that the best solution for cleaning glass is vinegar. If you mix one part white distilled vinegar with one part soft water, you can put it into a bottle with a spray nozzle. Spray the mixture onto the glass and rub clean with a sponge or cotton cloth. Synthetic cloths are not as good.

Use a squeegeesqueegee

A squeegee is a tool with a flat, smooth rubber blade. You can use this in horizontal or vertical strokes – it doesn’t matter which, as long as you don’t mix the two in one cleaning session. You should overlap your strokes by about 2 inches to wipe off the solution.

Make sure that you clean your squeegee after 2 or 3 strokes for the best results.

No streaky windows if you follow our simple steps for cleaning glass bifold doors

No streaky windows if you follow our simple steps for cleaning glass bifold doors

Buff dry

Once most of the cleaning solution has gone you can buff the windows dry. Another trick from my old nan is to use rolled up newspaper, black and white print is better than colour print. Alternatively use a chamois leather or clean microfibre cloth.



How are your aluminium doors and windows looking? Are you keeping them streak free and in a sparkling condition? Do you need some new aluminium windows to match your doors? Give us a call on 0113 850 0508 if we can help you with anything.


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