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Where can you install your bifold doors?

Bifold doors give a definite wow factor to any home no matter the age. Aluminium bifolds are sleek in a modern property and give a period property a true edge. But do you wonder where you could put them to make the best use of your space? Have you thought about corner bifold doors?

corner bifold doors and deckingWhat are corner bifold doors?

Corner bifolds are 2 sets of bifold boors sitting at right angles to each other. This way of using bifold doors can make a huge impact on your home and garden, bring in light and making your entertaining space bigger and brighter.

How do corner bifold doors work?

There are a couple of different ways of installing corner bifold doors. You will need to think about whether you want a corner post where the bifold doors join, or do you want both walls totally open? This will make it look like your ceiling is floating.

The floating ceiling is an impressive option, however does bring its own level of difficulty. Everything above the doors will need to be supported so it involves a little extra work. We can put in a post that can slide away with the doors once they are opened.

corner bifold doors and gardenWhat do you need to think about before you get corner bifold doors?

You may need to get planning permission for corner bifold doors. And you are going to need to talk to an expert about the major structural changes to your house. Please make sure that your property can be held up without a structural post in the corner if this is the look that you want to go for.

Also have a think about your furniture inside and outside. How are you expecting to use the room once the corner bifold doors are fitted? Will your furniture fit where the doors will open, will you have enough room to walk through?

Bifold door experts

If you have questions about what you can and can’t have, or you just need to talk through your ideas with someone, then give us a call. Outlook Aluminium are a company who can make your corner bifold doors fully bespoke for your home. Leave us your details here or call us on 0113 850 0508 and we will be happy to talk you through your ideas and how we can help.


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