why you should choose aluminium

Why you should choose aluminium

Are you thinking about new doors and windows? Are you unsure of what you need because of all the choice out there? You need to look at the designs available and if you are building an extension you need to think about the placement of the windows and doors. However the most important decision you need to make is what should your doors and windows are made out of. We believe that aluminium will be the most beneficial for you, here are our top 5 reasons why you should choose aluminium:

Aluminium withstands decay

Choosing aluminium will mean that your doors and windows will last longer. They will not rust, and unlike other doors and windows that are available, ours will need less maintenance.

Aluminium is lightweight and easy to mould, fold and recycle. It resists corrosion and stands up to repeated use.

Aluminium doors give excellent structural stability

traffic door in aluminium doors

Doors that are used many times a day need to be tough. Tough doors are made from aluminium. Doors that are made from aluminium will last you for years and years.

Bifold doors allow you to enjoy fresh air but ensure that you are warm when the weather turns cold.

Aluminium is durable

Aluminium is lightweight, but it is strong so the doors are strong and provide excellent safety features while you are in or out of your home. They also provide an effect barrier against any adverse weather conditions. Wooden doors may look nice but they do not come close when comparing them to aluminium bifold doors for security and weatherproofing.

Picture yourself sliding your doors open on a warm sunny morning and letting summer

Cleaning Bifold Doors

Low maintenance and easy to clean, aluminium bifolds are less hassle than traditional doors.

into your house.

Maintenance is basic

Aluminium bifold and aluminium sliding doors are easy to care for and look after. Any work that may need doing on your doors will be minor. If the doors are damaged in any way they can be fixed. Each section can be replaced without having to replace the whole frame and each individual section.


Competition drives the price down

Bifold doors and sliding doors made from aluminium are widely available and therefore the costs are kept down. Don’t be fooled by cheap doors though, remember the old saying – buy cheap, buy twice! Bifolding doors should be fully bespoke – but this means that the cost varies between projects.

You should pick a manufacturer and supplier who will make sure the doors are truly bespoke for you. Choose someone who is happy to show you a gallery of their doors and windows.

So, have we helped you see why you should choose aluminium?

Without a doubt aluminium is the most suitable material for bifolds, aluminium offers style, strength and versatility. Bifold aluminium doors fit seamlessly into any home, whether new build or renovation of a more traditional property

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