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Sliding or bifold doors. Which should you choose?

sliding or bifold

There has been an increase in home renovations over the last few years. Families are growing but people are not moving. Instead they are increasing the usable areas of their homes and gardens. Extensions and home improvements have seen an increase in the use of modern glazed doors. Sliding or bifold doors are becoming very popular.

But which do you choose? Sliding or bifold doors?

Lets take a look at the pros and cons for sliding or bifold doors to see which is best.

Firstly sliding door systems are usually available in aluminium because of its strength and lightweight construction. Fittings for sliding doors are made up of a runner and the roller carriage that it carries, these move the connected sliding door leaf and any other elements.

The good thing about sliding doors is that they are made up of large glass panels, this allows you to maximise the light that comes into a room. Typically a sliding door doesn’t open 100% unless it can slide into a pocket. Usually you get a half open, two-thirds open or three quarter opening.

Pros of sliding doors

  • Less structural demands
  • Large glass panes
  • Open and close in line, not protruding
  • Wider overall width available
  • Up to two thirds opening
  • Narrow frame widths
  • Works well with curtains and blinds

Cons of sliding doors

  • Site conditions or location may prevent large panes being installed
  • Less convenient to open and shut frequently
  • Not such a wide opening as bifolding doors

Bifold doors provide an unobstructed opening. They allow you to bring the outside into your home. If you are looking to completely open up a wall of your room then bifolds are well worth a look.

Pros of bifold doors

  • Traffic door available to allow one section to be used as a back door
  • Wide openings possible, increase the social area between your home and your garden
  • Choice of configuration options
  • Easy to install on sites with access difficulty
  • Wider opening than sliding doors
  • Useful for smaller doors, less than a 2 metre opening
  • Integrated blinds available

Cons of bifold doors

  • Less glass and more frame
  • Opening inwards can be intrusive

In conclusion sliding or bifold could be a difficult question for you. Sliding doors offer more glass area where bifolding doors offer a wider opening. It is all down to which you prefer, and what would make your life and home easier to manage.

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