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We are half way through autumn, and it is getting chilly. Here are our best 7 ways to keep warm this winter.

Everyone worries about putting the heating on, but are there any other ways that you can keep warm this winter? Here are our top 7 tips.

radiator1 – Change your plan

Has your furniture always been in the same place in your room? Are your big items like your couch blocking the heat? Why not think about moving the sofa and letting the heat from the radiator fill the room, rather than heating the material on the back of the couch!

2 – Keep the heat in

Have you heard about people putting aluminium foil behind their radiators? They are not crazy people who are trying to stop anyone interfering with their phone signals, nor are they people on the run trying to hide their gps position. These people are actually very clever and they are using the aluminium foil to reflect the heat from the radiator back into the room. Why not give this a try instead of losing all the heat through the wall?

3 – Stop draughts where you canDraughts through windows and doors

A recent blog that we have written will show you how to stop draughts in your home, stopping as many draughts as you can will help you keep warm this winter.

4 – Change your energy supplier

Find a new energy supplier that will give you a better rate for your gas and electricity, then you can spend a little more knowing that you are still saving money.

5 – Use the extra heat in your house

keep warm this winter kitchen

Have you noticed how warm it gets in your kitchen when you are cooking? Use this heat in your other rooms downstairs. If you leave the kitchen door open and your living room door then the heat will travel around your house. Don’t trap all the heat in the room that you are not going to stay in.

6 – Cuddle up

There is nothing better than cuddling up with a loved one on the sofa catching up on your favourite TV programme. A cuddle will allow you to share body heat and keep you warm on those long cold nights,

7 – Make sure your doors and windows fit properly

Finally, make sure that your windows and doors are fitted properly. Why not get a quote for some bespoke aluminum windows and doors? They will be designed with you in mind, and will fit your house perfectly.


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