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How can you keep cool at home?

Every year we all do the same thing and we wish for the long warm days of summer. We dream of temperatures that mean we have to wear shorts and sandals. Where sunglasses and ice lollies are our best friends. The first few days of summer arrive and then we all complain that we are too hot and are desperate to keep cool.

Here are our top 8 tips for making sure that you keep cool at home this summer

Turn things off

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Switch off lights, Turn off the TV. Don’t leave your computer on standby. In fact make sure that all your electrical items are properly turned off. Excess heat can be generated from these items and that will slowly warm up your home.


Step away from the oven

You have probably noticed that when you are cooking your kitchen can become the warmest room on the planet! Most ovens now can reach temperatures of over 200 degrees easily. This will contribute to the heat in your home. Why not opt for cold meals, or get the bbq out and spend some time in the garden.

Stop direct sunlight getting in

Stop your home turning into a greenhouse by closing your curtains and blinds during the day. When the sun is shining directly through your windows stop it with your blinds and curtains. If you are stopping the sun coming in at the right times of the day you home will stay cooler.

Do your household jobs at a different timecocktail

It won’t take you long to work up a sweat while you are cleaning your house, so don’t do it at the warmest part of the day. Why not do your jobs when it is cooler first thing, then you can enjoy the rest of the sunshine in the garden with a well deserved drink.

Water is your friend

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and your body will do the rest to keep you cool. Don’t be fooled into thinking a cold shower will help you. You will feel cooler for a moment, but your body will warm up to combat the cold and leave you worse off. Run the cold tap over your wrists and ankles during the day as this will cool your blood as it travels around your body.

Make your bed differently

Get rid of your winter duvet and thick blankets, they won’t help you get some rest in the summer. Light coloured cotton is your friend now. Cotton is breathable and lightweight so will keep you comfortable through the night.

Take advantage of the night

Open your windows and doors and let in the lovely cool evening air. If it is safe to do so you could leave some windows open through the night. A night vent setting will allow air to continue to circulate around your home while you sleep.

Get new doors and windows

Bifolding doors or sliding doors are a god-send in the summer. They create a lovely clear opening in your home and allow the breeze to come in. Opening up the space between your home and your garden means that you really can make the most of the summer, in a comfortable and welcoming way.


If you would like to speak to someone about how we can help you keep cool this summer just call one of the team on 0113 850 0508, or leave us your contact details here and we will call you back.

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