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There are a wide variety of homes out there, ranging from traditional to modern. But can you mix the styles?

Traditional homes have the spacious high ceilings and ornate coving that more modern homes lack. However they don’t have the clean lines and design features that modern homes do. Changes in the the housing market mean that homeowners are looking to invest in their property rather than move. But they need to be clever about it and make the improvements that will add value to a traditional home.

According to a survey in “The Times” one of the best value home improvements you can consider is to install bifold doors. They are sure to give you a return on your investment and in the meantime will enhance your quality of living. Here we will look at 4 other ways that you can improve your property, keeping the traditional items you love but bringing a modern twist.

Add a conservatoryconservatory

A conservatory, or orangery, can be built part or fully glass. An aluminium finish can be attached to traditional home, and will not spoil the traditional feel, but will give you a new contemporary look. The expanse of glass will open up your room and allow the light to flood in.

Unlike a main extension you will not need planning permission for a conservatory, as long as no more than half of the area of the original house footprint is covered. Ask an expert for help with this if you are unsure.

Review the windows and glazing to add value to a traditional home

aluminium windowsThe outside of your property is what everyone sees, so making sure that your exterior is finished to perfection is key. Your traditional home may have period sash windows that look in keeping with the property, but are they draughty? Are they shabby looking?

Why not have a look at some aluminium windows? They are not as expensive as you might think. Improving the look of your home is only one positive of this change, a reduction in your heating bills will be welcome too.

Don’t just think about your windows in the walls, why not look at roof lights or roof lanterns – an elegant way to bring more light into your home.

Spruce up the garden

While we are thinking about the exterior of your property lets have a look at the garden. Incorporating your decking or patio into your home and family space is a big thing now, and bifold or sliding doors are great for making the most of your space.

traditional property with modern glazingBuild an extension

Adding an extension is a huge job, but it is a great way of increasing the value of your home. It also allows you to make more use of the space by changing the interior of the property. A traditional home looks amazing with a modern touch.

Make the best use of bespoke glass windows and doors from a company who manufacture them so they can control the finish and quality.

At Outlook Aluminium we would always suggest making changes to your home for your family needs and pleasure firstly, but looking at adding value is a always a positive. All of the options above will allow you to take a traditional home and bring it up to date with a modern twist.

For a no obligation chat with one of our team call us on 0113 850 0508 or leave us your details and we will call you back. Let us improve your outlook. Let us help you add value to a traditional home.

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