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Windows and styles have changed – but which should you choose?

There has been a change in fashions over the last few years and windows have become sleeker. PVC windows are seen as cumbersome, and are not as popular as they used to be. Aluminium windows offer a sleeker frame and therefore are becoming a hot choice for architects and homeowners. First of all, aluminium window styles are not as confusing as you think.

Aluminium is a great choice for windows because of how flexible it is – you can have a slim frame and therefore make more use of the space for the glass, giving you the best views from your property.

Aluminium window styles – which do you choose?

  • Panoramic Windowspanoramic aluminium window styles

If you are lucky enough to have gorgeous scenery outside your property then you want to see as much of it as you can whilst you are inside. Panoramic windows will do this by using larger panes of glass and sleek, but strong, aluminium frames.

Panoramic windows will increase the amount of light into a room, and will increase the feeling of space. Do you choose this one of the aluminium window styles?

  • Sash windowssash aluminium window styles

Popular in wood in old Victorian house, sash windows were used a lot in traditional properties. Don’t discount them as being old though – a sleek aluminium frame will offer you a lot of security for your window and will bring a new twist on an old favourite.

Sash windows allow a lot of fresh air into a room so help with ventilation, and they are very energy efficient.

  • Tilting windowstilt aluminium window styles

These windows look like any normal window but they open differently. The aluminium frames on these windows offer a great support to the glass. But they are flexible enough to be opened in different ways depending on your choice.

They can be opened conventionally from one side, or they can tilt when opened vertically.

Tilting windows can be used differently throughout the different seasons, and the fact that they open 2 ways makes cleaning much easier.

Not sure which of the aluminium window styles you want?

There are a lot of choices for aluminium windows; the style is only the first. You will need to think about colours too. If you are unsure why not give one of our team a call on 0113 850 0508 and we will be more than happy to come out and give you a bespoke quote. Alternatively you could leave your details here and we will call you back. Let us improve your outlook.

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