back door alternatives

What alternatives are there to a back door?

Are you thinking of remodelling your home? Are you looking for something with a wow factor for your visitors? What back door alternatives are there?

Homeowners, designers and architects have been looking for the perfect solution to bring a little something different to properties, whether they be traditional or modern.

What solutions are available for you?

There are a number of options that will give you a WOW when you show your family and friends. Let’s take a look at 3 of them;

Bifold doorsAluminium-Bifold-Doors

Bifold doors are also known as bi-folding doors, folding sliding doors, glass sliding doors and sliding room dividers. In its simplest term, a bifold is a door that slides open while its panels fold up and stack neatly against the wall – like a concertina.

Bifold doors have become hugely popular over the last decade as back door alternatives. It is easy to see why. They are strong, stylish and durable.

As a virtual maintenance free solution they can bring a huge amount of light into a room, and create a great space for entertaining. Bifold doors can be straight across the wall of your home, or around a corner for a more dramatic effect.


Patio doors

A set of patio doors are a large set of glass sliding doors leading to a patio, garden, or balcony. They are the perfect way to add natural light to your home. They can give you easy access to the exterior of your property and look great.

With a wide range of designs and styles to choose from your only problem will be deciding which ones you want in your home.

Sliding doors

A sliding door is a type of door which opens horizontally by sliding, usually parallel to aOutlook-Aluminium-Sliding-Doors-Leeds wall. Sliding doors can be mounted either on top of a track below or be suspended from a track above and some types ‘disappear’ in a wall when slid open.

Sliding doors are perfect for increasing the amount of natural light entering your property.  Maximising the glass area and having a minimum amount of framework, you can enjoy fantastic views of the scenery outside

So now you have looked at all the back door alternatives and decided on which you want who should you approach?

From supply to install our expert team at Outlook Aluminium will take care of you every step of the way. We will visit your home and give you a bespoke quote that fits your exact needs. We are here to provide you with all the help and advice you need. Why not have a look at another one of our blogs about the sort of things you need to think about of you are buying bifold or sliding doors.

Finally at our workshop in Leeds every product is uniquely designed and fabricated by our highly skilled engineers. We ensure measurements are exact, guaranteeing a superior and flawless finished effect.

As recognised industry experts our products offer unbeatable levels of quality and longevity. All our doors are manufactured to the highest standards and come with 10 years guarantee so you can rest assured knowing they are built to last.

Contact our friendly team for more information on 0113 850 0508 or request a quote online today.

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