bifold door configuration for larger openings

What is the best bifold door configuration for larger doors?

We wrote a blog earlier in the month about bifold door panels, and how many you should choose for your new doors. Here we want to look into how you choose the right bifold door configuration for doors with more panels, or leaves.

Even when making use of a larger space then bifold doors are a great, flexible solution. Lets look at the 4 – 7 panel options available to you.

How do you decide on the bifold door configuration?

If you are still at early planning stage you need to think about how many panels you are wanting, and how often you will be using the doors. Will you be needing a traffic door?

Bifold door configuration – 4 panels

4 panel bifold door

For this size opening you have a number of options available to you. A 4 panel bifold door configuration will give you more light into your home, and you can have the openings however you want. Do you have a preferred way that you want the doors to open? Just talk to your team and they will be able to advise and help you.

5, 6 or 7 panel bifold door configuration

5 panel bifold door








6 panel bifold door


7 panel bifold door


If you are needing more doors to fill the space you can still choose which way they will open, but you can also choose the size of the doors to fit the plan that you have.

Your bifold door configuration

For many bifold door configurations you have a number of options: Your doors can open:

  • All panels to the left
  • All panels to the right
  • Panels all open in or out
  • One/two/three panel to the left, others to the right
  • One/two/three panel to the right, others to the left
  • Half panels one way, half the other

A traffic door is also an option here so you can have one of the bifold door panels set up to be used more than the other leaves for easier access in and out of your property.

If you are not sure about which way your doors should open you can read one of our other blogs written specifically to help you decide which way should your bifold doors open.

Smaller bifold door panel options

We wrote a blog post earlier in the month about the options if you need fewer bifold door panels. As always though, if you have any questions or need any information feel free to give us a call on 07771 896175, and we will be happy to help.


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