bifold door panels opening choices

How many bifold door panels should you choose?

Is your house in need of a change? Are you building a new extension? Has your planning ground to a halt because you are unsure how many bifold door panels you should choose? Well, worry no more, read on to find out how many bifold door panels are best for you.

One of the brilliant things about bifold doors is that they are completely flexible. They can be made from anything from 2 up to 7 panels, or leaves. This gives you a number of choices allowing you to have a beautifully wide opening between home and garden. As well as a safe and aesthetically pleasing door when closed.

How do you decide how many bifold door panels you should have?

There are a number of things to consider when you are looking at your bifold door plans. The bigger the opening, the more bifold door panels you will need, and the more it will cost.

Firstly you need to decide how often you will be using the doors. Will you be needing a traffic door?

Bifold door panel choices

The smallest bifolding door you can have will have 2 panels in it. This will give you a much wider opening than sliding doors, and will look more sophisticated than your old French doors. This is a great option if you are just looking to replace an existing set of doors at home.

2 panel bifold door

The most popular number of bifold door panels is 3. A 3 panel door will fit nicely into your home, and give you the light from outside when closed, as well as making the transition between home and garden fantastic when open.

3 panel bifold door

You have a number of options here too. Your doors can open:

  • all 3 panels to the left
  • 3 panels to the right
  • panels all open in or out

A traffic door is also an option here so you can have one of the bifold door panels set up to be used more than the other leaves for easier access in and out of your property.

If you are not sure about which way your doors should open you can read one of our other blogs written specifically to help you decide which way should your bifold doors open.

Larger bifold door panel options

We will have another blog post later in the month about the options if you need more bifold door panels. As always though, if you have any questions or need any information feel free to give us a call on 07771 896175, and we will be happy to help.


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