bifold doors becoming less popular

Are bifold doors becoming less popular? Are they the right choice for you?

Bifold doors have been hugely popular over the last few years, but are they on their way to be the next avocado coloured bathroom suite? Let’s look at the question – are bifold doors becoming less popular?

avocado bathroom suite

As popular as avocado bathroom suites were at the time, they became dated, and were not a great selling point.

What do people think about bifold doors?

The general consensus about bifold doors was that they would improve your property both visually and value wise. But is this still the case?

We asked some people what they thought.

“I think they are already a bit dated.”

“They’re doors! Who cares if they fall out of fashion? I mean, you’re going to need some form of door there, so why not those ones?”

“Everything has its day, then comes back in. Don’t confuse a functional object with colour. An avacado loo was still a loo. The colour is out of fashion not the object.”

Are bifold doors becoming less popular?

4 panel bifold door

Bifold doors are still a great investment if you are looking to change your property. We wrote another blog about how to add value to your traditional home, and we still believe that they are a great choice.

The main thing to remember is that this is your property. It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks, if you are happy with your choice then that is all that matters.

There are many different bifold door configurations so you can make the opening fit your family needs perfectly. Don’t have what everyone else has, make your home your own.

What do you need to know about bifold doors?

Whether bifold doors are losing popularity or not, nobody can disagree that they will give you huge amounts of natural light, a feeling of space, and uninterrupted views into your garden and beyond.

If you would like to talk to our team about how aluminium bifold doors will work for you then give us a call on 07771 896175.

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