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3 reasons why bifold doors in autumn and winter are a good idea for your home .

It’s not too late for you to get bifold doors installed. You may be thinking that we have had the best of the good weather. So why should you get new bifold or sliding doors installed? Well, we are here to tell you that bifold doors in autumn and winter are still a good idea.

Bifold doors, or sliding doors, have become increasingly popular, not just because of the aesthetics. But these doors can be cost effective, and can provide some much needed thermal efficiency in the colder months.

Why bifolds in autumn and winter?

Aluminium bifold doors are a great choice, giving homeowners great flexibility to make the most of the space inside and outside of their home. Bifold doors are made of glass leaves, in a sturdy frame, allowing homeowners to open and close the doors as they see fit.

4 panel bifold door

When the doors are opened fully, you will get a view of the garden that is totally unblocked. However, bifold doors in autumn and winter can get forgotten about. Here we hope to show you why they are still a great idea for your home even when the sun has stopped shining.

Bifold doors give a great view

Your garden can be just as beautiful in the autumn and winter months as it is in the summer. Make use of some beauBifold doors in wintertiful bespoke bifold doors to allow you to see outside, while still being warm in your home.


It is not just a snow scene that you can look at. What about having steaming mugs of hot chocolate while watching the fireworks on bonfire night, or snuggling inside gazing out at the stars during a clear winter night?

Children love to spend time in the garden, and the autumn months give them lots to see and do. You can stay cosy inside while the children play safely in your view as the leaves turn from green to red to brown.

autumn leaves


They offer you a different option for getting in and out of the house.

Bifold doors are great for opening fully in the summer. However having bifold doors in autumn and winter doesn’t stop you from using them. A traffic door is a door that can be used more often than the other leaves. It allows you to have an easy access point in your door configuration so you can use the door as often as you need to.

traffic door in aluminium doors

Bifold doors are not manufactured just to look good, they are a great addition to your property. Designed to open as much or as little as you need them to, they offer light and air into your home.

Bifold doors are energy efficient.

Who would have thought that a wall of glass could help keep your home energy efficient? Modern manufacturing means that aluminium bifold doors are insulated to make sure that your home is draught free. The frames and glass work together to make your home more energy efficient.

Here is an earlier blog that we wrote about how bifolds can keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer that you might find interesting.

Have we convinced you that bifold doors in autumn and winter is a good idea yet?

Bifold doors will improve the look of your house from the outside. Alternatively they will improve your ability to look at the outside from inside your home.

Getting your bifold doors fitted will allow much more light into your home. This could help you if you or a family member is affected by seasonal affective disorder. More light into your home can increase your mood, regulate your sleeping patterns and improve your mental wellbeing.

If you would like to talk to one of the team about how bifold doors in autumn and winter are a great idea, then get in touch. You can leave your details here and we will be more than happy to call you back.

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