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Are bifold doors just for the summer?

With winter really taking hold over the last few weeks you may be forgiven for thinking that now is not a good time to be thinking about bifold doors. However, the addition of bifold doors in winter can be great for your home.

Here are 3 benefits that we know you will enjoy if you have bifold doors in winter.

Winter wonderland

Looking out of your windows when the snow has fallen and covered your garden can make a magical view. Imagine that view, when looking out of bifold doors. Bifolds offer an unrestricted view of outside. You can see your children playing, or your garden with a blanket of frost, or keep an eye on your pets.


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Night times can also be special with bifold doors in winter. The cold crisp nights of winter can bring some clear skies, allow you to stay in the comfort of your home while you check out the stars above you.

Pay less for bills

Bifold doors are thermally efficient. Aluminium, wood orUPVC frames will help lower your monthly bills by ensuring that your heat in kept inside leaving the cold outside.

Less heat escaping from your home, and less cold air coming in will mean that you will not have to have the heating on as much. Alternatively you could turn down the thermostat slightly.

Make sure that your bifold doors are double, or even triple glazed and your home will be toasty warm all winter.

Winter sun

The short winter days can make people feel sad. Therefore why wouldn’t you make the most of the daylight when you can. Bifold doors allow all the light to flood into your home. Aluminium doors means that the lighter, thinner frames allow the maximum amount of light in all day.

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Make sure that you think about the blinds or curtains that you might want with your bifold doors. Our handy blog post tells you more about how to choose between blinds or curtains for bifold doors.

Would you make use of bifold doors in winter?

The aluminium bifold doors that we design and manufacture here at Outlook Aluminium are flexible and practical. We will ensure that we sit down and talk through all of your needs before we can place your order. Think about how much you will want to open the doors, where they will be placed in your room, and how gorgeous your home will look, inside and out, when they are finished.

If you want to talk to any of the team about getting bifold doors in winter for your home, then give us a call on 07771 896175 and someone will be happy to help.

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