caring for glass in winter

How do you care for your glass windows and doors in winter?

You bought some beautiful new bifold doors to match the aluminium framed windows you got earlier in the year – but how do you care for them in the winter months? Here our blog tries to help you with tips for caring for glass in winter.

bifolds in winter

Look at your windows and doors

You pass your windows and doors every day, have a look at them. Check the frames are intact, and there is nothing that could cause you a problem in the coming months. Don’t just assume that they are OK, make sure. Draughts can be a big problem in the cold, so make sure that  your doors and windows are nice and fault free.

If you spot a problem and need an expert to come and look, then call our team at Outlook, and they will come and look at your windows and doors and see if they need replacing.

Cracks in glass will always need a replacement before the bad weather sets in. Caring for glass in winter is just as important as caring for it in summer.

Clean your frames and glass

Another way to help you when you are caring for glass in winter is to clean the frames. Keeping the frames fault free will help you to have fault free aluminium windows and doors. One of our other blogs gives you some tips on caring for your aluminium doors.

overcast day

An overcast day will help your windows cry with no streaks.

Cleaning the glass will also help your windows sparkle in the crispness of winter. Make sure that you pick a dull day as this will help you. An overcast day will mean that your cleaning has more chance of being streak free.

Protect your home

Make sure that you are safe by keeping your doors and windows locked. Some heavy curtains, or blinds will stop people being able to see into your home, especially before Christmas when you might have extra items laying around.
Curtains and blinds will also help you keep the heat in at home.

Check your windows for condensation as this could lead to problems with your frames, they could discolour or warp. If you are unsure and need some expert advice then give our team a call, or leave your details here and we will call you, and they will be more than happy to help.

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