Cleaning Bifold Doors

4 tips for keeping your bifold doors working perfectly for years after they are installed.

Having bifold doors installed at your home will improve the appearance and functionality of your room and home. It will make it brighter, roomier, and more welcoming instantly. Bifold doors will also provide a new way to access your garden or other rooms. All Outlook Aluminium products are made to order. This is so we can ensure that they are made to the highest standard. We do recommend that customers follow a few simple steps to look after their new doors properly. Read more about caring for and cleaning bifold doors.

Here are our 4 top tips to keep your bifold doors working perfectly.

1 – Get your doors installed properly

We strongly urge you to ensure that your doors are installed properly, by experienced fitters. A cheaper option can potentially cause serious and expensive damage to your doors. Having your bifold doors fitted by a friend of a friend for mate’s rates could void your warranty. Therefore the supply and fit service offered by Outlook Aluminium will mean that your made to measure product are installed by professionals.

2 – Clean your frames and hinges

Bifold doors made by Outlook Aluminium are low maintenance. The frames, edges and hinges should be cleaned with a simple mix of mild washing up liquid and warm water. Don’t use a scouring pad or any abrasive cream cleaners due to these potentially harming the coating of your doors. A soft cloth or sponge will work well when cleaning bifold doors.

3 – Keep the running tracks clean

Check your tracks every time the doors are open – remove any stones or other small objects as soon as you see them. If these little items fall into the door runners then they could snag the running mechanism and could lead to damage to your doors.

Vacuum cleaning the running tracks at least once a month will help you to avoid the build-up of dust and debris.

4 – Try a little tenderness

Although your doors are very strong it will pay dividends to treat them gently. If the mechanism feels a little stiff – don’t force them. A little resistance could be caused by some dirt or debris, and moving this will help. However pushing your doors without moving the offending item will put your doors under unnecessary stress and potential damage.


Got any questions about cleaning bifold doors? Or would you like a quote? Contact us and we will be more than happy to talk to you about how we can improve your outlook.


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