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What sort of things do you need to think about when you are considering buying bifold doors or sliding doors?

There are a number of things that you need to think seriously about before buying any bifold doors or sliding doors for your property. If you are considering buying bifold doors then have a think about;

  • Cost
  • Type of door
  • Security

In our blog we will look at these points, and help you on your way.

budget for bifold doorsHow much do bifolding or sliding doors cost?

The budget for a bifold door should vary between £800 & £1,200 per linear metre plus VAT for the doors, this includes installation. The price will vary according to the specification you choose for your home.

Do I have to pay for everything before my new doors are fitted?

We would suggest that you never pay in full when at the point of placing the order. Normally you would be expected to make a deposit payment when you place the order. Then maybe an interim payment will be due depending on the size of your order. Finally, paying the balance once your doors have been installed.

In a supply only situation, where you don’t pay the manufacturers for installation, the plan is pretty similar. Deposit on order, and final balance paid off before delivery.

What type of bifold or sliding door should you choose?

bifolds in summer

There are a number of choices that you could make, and a professional bifold door company should come to you and spend some time talking about what you want and how it would work in your property. Ask for a bespoke quote that is tailored to your needs. Why not read our other blog, top tips for choosing the right doors for your property, for some more helpful tips.

What kind of security features do you need to think about?

Installing big panes of glass might make you a little worried about security. However there is no need to worry more when you are considering buying bifold doors. Ensure that your installers are fitting accredited, insurance recognised locks. You should be having at least a five-lever key cylinder as standard. Look for internally glazed panes to add another level of security to you doors.

Is there anything else you need to think about before you buy your bifold doors or sliding doors?

Think about the glass that you would want in your doors. Before you start looking you might be forgiven for thinking that glass is glass but there are other things to consider including noise, heat and safety. One of our other blogs looks at the types of glass for your doors – why not take a look?


If you are considering buying bifold doors have you got any questions? Why not give one of our friendly and helpful team a call on 0113 850 0508, or leave your details here, and we will be happy to help you.

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