measure the opening for bifold doors

How to measure the opening for bifold doors

Every house is different, even ones built by the same builders on the same site can be different if you make them your own. Adding bifold or sliding doors to your property will really make the property individual. Different families have different door and home needs. Therefore, when it comes to ordering your new bifold or sliding doors you need to make sure that they are made-to-measure. If you need to measure the opening for bifold doors then you have GOT to be specific. Here are our 3 easy steps to make sure that you get the right measurements first time.

Things to remember when you measure the opening for bifold doors

Bifold doors should be totally bespoke, they should be designed for you and your home, and your family needs. A one-size fits all approach is not right for new doors in your home.

Our design team at Outlook Aluminium will be more than happy to come out and survey your property to get all the necessary measurements for the manufacture and fit of your bifold doors. However if you are happy enough to measure it yourself, or on behalf of your customer, then you can use our 3 easy steps below to measure the opening for your bifold doors.

To ensure that your bifold doors fit properly you must ensure that the outer frame is installed correctly. It must be level and square. So you need to take a few measurements. For these we will assume that the opening is ready for the doors so you can take the measurements easily.

1 – Measure the height.

Firstly measure the height of the opening. It is best to take 3 separate measurements, at 3 planes of the opening. We will use the smallest measurement to make sure that the bifolds fit correctly.

measure the opening for bifold doors - height

The height is important and you will need to think about the tracking hardware at the top of the door as well as the threshold at the bottom.

Think about the threshold that you currently have if you are expanding a doorway, or the threshold that you want if you are making a new opening. Will you need a flush threshold for easy access for prams or would you be happy with a step?

2 – Measure the width.

measure the opening for bifold doors - width

Again we should take 3 measurements from side to side, brickwork to brickwork. We will again take the shortest measurement to make your bifold doors.

3 – Last steps

To allow us to make the correct bifold doors for your opening you will need to give us the shortest height and width measurement. We will then make the bifold doors slightly smaller than these so that they will fit more easily.

You will also need to decide;

  • Will you need a traffic door?
  • Will the doors fold inwards or outwards?
  • Which way will the doors open – from the left, the right or the centre?

What to do now?

If you are happy to measure the opening for bifold doors yourself then great, contact us with your measurements and we will be able to manufacture the doors for you. Alternatively give us a call on  07771 896175 and one of the team will be happy to come out and do it for you.

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