planning permission for bifold doors approved

Are you getting bifold doors? Do you need planning permission for bifolds?

What is planning permission and when do you need it?

Planning permission has been around for a long time. It ensures that new buildings and changes to existing buildings meet certain criteria. Basically you can’t build whatever you want, wherever you want without agreement from your local council.

You may need planning permission if:

  • you are making changes to your property
  • you’re building something new
  • or if you are changing the use of the building

To find out if you need planning permission you need to contact your local authority. Rules in England, Wales and Scotland could be different so make sure that you contact the right authority.

Do you need planning permission for bifold doors?

Planning permission is a big worry for a number of people who undertake home improvements. Planning permission for bifold doors is not normally required. However, you should always check because some things could affect whether planning permission is required, or if you can do the works at all. Issues could arise because of:

  • age of your home
  • location of your home
  • works that you are having completed

Adding bifold or sliding doors to your property is included in making a change to your property, however it is unlikely that you will need to get planning permission for these. Finding a manufacturer who can design and build the bifold doors in line with your property is essential. If the new bifold or sliding doors fit with the general aesthetic of your property then it is unlikely that you will need planning permission.

builders hat and planning permission for bifold doors

Do you need planning permission for bifold doors?

When will I need planning permission for bifold doors?

If your property is a listed building, or is in a conservation area you may need to get planning permission for bifold doors or sliding doors. In these situations it is always worth checking before you start any work on your property.

Whether you need planning permission or not your renovation works will still need to fall in line with building regulations. Building regulations are a minimum standard set for design, construction and alterations to virtually any property.

To make sure that your new doors comply with building regulations get yourself an approved supplier and installer of bifold doors. Spend some time doing your research and get testimonials from their other customers.

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