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What glass options are available for bifold doors?

Your type of glass choice is just as important as the decision whether or not to get bifold doors or sliding doors. Aluminium doors offer you a slimmer profile and therefore the choice of glazing can make all the difference.

It is also important to consider the positioning of the doors in your property. A south facing room may need something that reflects the sun in the summer, but a door on the opposite side of the property may benefit from a glass solution that keeps the heat in during the winter.

You want your bifold or sliding doors to give you more light; and more light means more glass.

A professional manufacturer and installer of aluminium bifold doors will be able to explain the glass options to you.

Does it matter what type of glass you choose for bifold doors?

The purchase of bifold or sliding doors will be huge, so choosing the right type of glass is important. Here are a few things you might need to consider about what type of glass to choose.

Type of Glass

Some of the most common types of glass available for your new doors are:

  • Double glazed – multi layered glass enclosing an air space. This air space reduces the loss of heat through the doors or windows.
  • broken tempered type of glassSafety glass – tempered, or toughened glass is very important for large glass fixtures. This glass has been through a chemical process to make it much stronger than normal glass. You can also get laminated glass that is shatter-proof. This glass has an inner plastic layer that makes it extremely difficult to break.
  • Low-E coated glass – this glass has a microscopically thin, transparent coating that reflects long-wave infrared energy. This means that the temperature in your room is regulated by the glass, not getting to stuffy in summer, or too cold in winter.

Thermal Efficiency

Choose the best performing glass that you can afford. The better the glass the less heat will be lost through them, therefore the lower your heating bills will be.

Noise Pollution

A door that is mostly glass can cause an increase in the noises that you will hear from outside. Using double glazed panels in your bifolds is effective at reducing noise pollution.

It is worth checking with your bifold door company what type of sealant they are using to ensure that your doors are as efficient as possible.

Which type of glass should you choose?

The type of glass that you should choose will depend on the cost, however it is worth remembering that you will get the best out of your bifold or sliding doors if you choose the best glass that you can afford. There is no definitive ‘best glass’ for a bifold door because there are many factors that will determine how your glass will perform.

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